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About Us

PT. Prima System Integrated also known as the “Primasys”. We are here to help you enter a new phase of growth.

Orchesting a planned approach and innovative mindset,Primasys provides you with tailored IT-based solutions.Established in 2010 with the core objective to transform the business world while assisting the client's business in reaching new heights of success and development.

Our History

Our company was founded in 2010 bears the sole objective of promoting our clients business, by tailoring the best possible Information Technology solution and in the process, uplifting their business to the deck of success, through proper implementation of the most important tools of Information Technology, i.e. System, Network, and security.

About Our Team

Primasys team comprises of members from various background (in terms of experience), which guarantees and ensures the quality of the service, even more than any other promising the same. Our members are holders of international recognitions.

Products & Services

Take a quick look at our products and the services that we provide


Powering your digital business through cloud-based infrastructure.

Information Security

Building up the guard of your business network and applications

Enterprise & Secure Collaboration

Innovating the way of collaboration


Aplifying the potentials of your business

Managed Cloud-based IT Services

Tapping into the power of the cloud

Fraud Management

Keeping you away from the deceptions of digital frauds

Our Business Partners

Why choose us?

We always believe (and will believe) that our team’s competencies are never enough (no matter how much they happen to be) to deliver Prime solution to our customers.


Primasys continues developing our team to adapt with the current technology and its development.

We would like to ensure that our team will always have the updated information as well as skills to be able to deliver the best solution and the right solution for our customers.

Our Clients