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Primasys with its experienced IT experts will cater organizations to utilize their IT investments in the right direction with the best and right solution that meets the organization’s requirements.

The main specifications where we provide services are as follows.

Following you will find a short introduction of the different aspects of IT solutions that we can cater you with.

IT Consultant

Our range of IT Consultant services start from simple consultancy discussion to designing complex IT Blue Prints.

Since building an ideal IT Infrastructure is not a one time job, as such our team will ensure that the solution that we offer you with will not obsolete out, in the next 3 years. Therefore the job can be done in phases. IT consultancy is the first and the foremost step in the direction of planning your IT infrastructure. We pay the highest value to it so as to ensure that your IT infrastructure is well planned and hence well functional.

Network Solution

SEC The reliability on your network is the most vital part

of your organization and it is that key portion of your IT infrastructure that will bother you or assist you throughout the complete life time of your organization. Information on your organization needs to get properly channeled and a risking such a vital component by compromising with Network solution would not be a wise full thought at all. Network solution is the core IT solution and we provide you the guarantee of providing you with the prime network solution.

System Solution

Having a reliable network infrastructure is mandatory

in every IT infrastructure so as to ensure that everything running on top of the network is in their full swing and in their best conditions. The term “System” refers to that part of IT Infrastructure that will run over the network. “System Solution” refers to the comprehensive solution based on Server, Storage, Backup devices, and everything that keeps running on top of the network.

Security Solution

The advancement of information technology

has led to the greatest threat of security, which has ever appearedon the face of the earth. Information theft my put your organization in the greatest disaster you have ever imagined. Yet again a proper implementation of security tools over the system can secure your information to such a level that would have never been possible in real world. We know the exact alchemy behind securing your data. Often security threats appear internally. As an IT solution provider we are not just concerned with external threats that are at betimes paid to concern at. Owing to our experts’ international certificate recognitions, we are skilled enough to provide you the ultimate solution in this crucial portion of your IT infrastructure. Leave security to the experts.

Virtualization Solution

In today's world where everybody is desperately

concerned about the green environment and is full of efforts to save the earth; IT industry has come up with a technology called Virtualization. With the Virtualization, we are actually supporting green environment, lowering TCO, encouraging efficiency, aiding cost reduction, and ensuring high availability, etc.

Virtualization reduces the need of real world office supplies. It helps us arrange our information in a more accessible way which allows us to approach our information in a searchable way. It is our duty to understand that there is some responsibility that we owe to our mother nature. With virtualization, you will actually be fulfilling this goal. Along with this you will be preparing an electronic base for your information.

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